Account Aggregation

Through our technology partner, Morningstar Office we offer you the ability to aggregate your accounts from multiple sources into a single, secure system.  You can then view and analyze this aggregated portfolio and see your exact net worth on a daily basis.  This aggregation includes both asset and liability accounts, so you can gain a complete and up-to-date picture of your wealth.

The types of accounts you can aggregate in the Finance Logix system include:

Asset Accounts

  • Investment Accounts (Pershing, RBC, etc.)

  • Managed Money Accounts

  • Direct Mutual Fund and Variable Annuity Accounts

  • Bank Accounts

  • Alternative Investments

  • Insurance

Liability Accounts

  • Mortgages

  • Car loans

  • Credit Cards

  • Bill Pay

In addition to aggregating your accounts, Finance Logix allows your financial advisor to manage your wealth on a more holistic basis, whether your advisor is running financial plans, investment proposals, or simply analyzing your assets.

Aggregated Data
Morningstar Office

Alternative Investments

SMA Accounts

Investment Accounts


Bank Accounts


Estate Planning

Aggregated Data

Retirement Income Planning

Cash Flow Analysis

Risk Tolerance Analysis

Financial Planning

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